Supplier Advance Payment Return

The process to record funds returned from Supplier is made so easy with Fast Accounts. 1. How to record a Supplier Advance Return Go to Expenses Select Payments On the Supplier Payments List, the advance to Supplier will be showing in the Balance Column. From the Action Menu Select Return. On the Manage Return Screen, Enter ...

Two copies of Sales Receipts and Bill Payments

We have now introduced a feature to allow print of two copies of sale receipts side by side on the same page. 1. How to enable two copies print for Sale Receipts Go to Settings Menu Select Sales Receipts This will open Receipts Settings Menu Once on the Receipts Settings screen Select Settings from Left Menu Check “2 Copi...

Voucher Number on Sale Receipts & Bill Payments

Automated Voucher number have been added to “Sale Receipts” and “Bill Payment” listing’s, you will notice a column “V. No.” on these screen. Every time you will save a transaction, Fast Accounts will add an automated voucher number.