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Advanced Training

For those professionals looking to master FastAccounts to a level beyond just the basics, we, alongside our Technology, Business and Knowledge partners, offer an 8-week paid Certification Course in Digital Accounting.


Our Features

Take a look at the many different features that FastAccounts offers and learn more about how they can help take your business to the next level.


Create and manage purchase orders, bills and payments in our purchases module. Track your costs and liabilities,

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Manage both stock and non-stock products in our inventory module. FastAccounts is an accounting software for

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Batch & Expiry

Make use of our batch product feature to allow yourself to manage production and stock that is produced and held in batches

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Advanced User Rights

Advanced user rights allow you to manage the permissions given to each user in your account and as a result you can better

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Track and manage your business finances and balances in several currencies, according to your business needs.

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GST, VAT & Withholding Tax

FastAccounts offers a single-line solution to withholding taxes and receipts making bookkeeping easier than ever before.

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To keep track of your production processes and seamlessly manage the allocation of inventory and overheads, we have integrated

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Business Analysis & Reports

Get the full picture with over 200 reports and several business analysis instruments with integration into the dashboard

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Cloud is the Future

Yes, we are a cloud accounting software. With cloud accounting services, Fast accounts helped lots of businesses,

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Accounting Done Right

Find out what makes FastAccounts different and why we are the best online accounting software for your business.

Fully Accessible

Anywhere, anytime. FastAccounts is an online accounting software and is therefore designed to be accessible anywhere access and available to you 24/7. To keep FastAccounts fully accessible, we ensure zero downtime for maintenance and updates. This is thanks to our cloud accounting software’s updates and maintenance being directly uploaded to our secure and reliable servers, therefore any changes are immediately implemented when you log in to FastAccounts and so you don’t lose access to FastAccounts for any duration of time.

An Accountant’s Delight

FastAccounts being an accounting & bookkeeping software, is ultimately designed with the understanding that accountants are most likely to be the people making daily use of its many features. It is through this awareness that we designed our software alongside international industry veterans with a wealth of expertise on what accountants worldwide truly desire from their software. The result is an online accounting software that makes life easy and efficient for accountants and bookkeepers, freeing up their time and helping them maintain the highest standard of financial reporting in an organised structure that has been tried and tested. A vast selection of accounting modules ensures that every aspect of an accountant’s needs is covered and that they have access to the most complete and well-rounded accounting software on the market.

Easy Integration

Our understanding of business synergies has led us to make our platform easy to integrate with other software and systems that you may already have in place. The principle of synergy is that, by combining several articles, the resulting product is greater than the sum of its parts. One such example of this integration ability is in the form of your business’ website, a particularly useful feature for branching out into the ever-expanding e-commerce markets. Furthermore, FastAccounts is capable of integrating with Revenue & Tax Authority services, facilitating the live reporting of sales data to the relevant authority’s server and consequently lifting a regulatory burden from your shoulders.

Complete Functionality

Designed to be the only online accounting software you’ll ever need, FastAccounts can assist you with all functions of your business. Ranging from trading & sales, where FastAccounts enables you to systematically record sales and produce invoices and receipts, to the assembly and production-oriented side of your business, where our cloud accounting software allows you to methodically distribute and allocate resources to your pending jobs and tasks to ensure the timely execution of all your production processes.


Now available in 4 different packages, tailored to your needs.

Optional add-ons are also available upon request.


Sales Module


  • Create and manage sales invoices.
  • Make use of batch and bulk invoicing for further convenience.
  • Share and send invoices via email or engage with customers via SMS.


  • Organise sales receipts and returns.
  • A single-line solution for withholding taxes and receipts.
  • Keep track of outstanding and overdue invoices.


  • Create and manage sales orders.
  • Partial conversion of orders or quotations to sales invoice with ease.
  • Seamless integration of customer and product data when creating sales orders.


  • Create, view and edit customer information.
  • Track outstanding customer balances and manage your customer base.
  • Evaluate and review the profitability and performance of your customers.

Purchases Module


  • Create and manage supplier bills.
  • Track costs and liabilities.
  • Use the Import bills feature for further efficiency.


  • Manage supplier payments and advances as well as returns.
  • Make partial or full payments and allocate payments to bills at any time.
  • Better understand your accounts payable and easily manage your cashflows.

Purchase Orders

  • Create, edit and approve/reject purchase orders.
  • Upon approval, automatically create a supplier bill.
  • Track the status of your purchase orders.


  • Create and edit supplier information.
  • View and manage supplier balances.
  • Keep your suppliers informed via SMS or email about new orders, receipt of goods or payments.

Inventory Module


  • Make use of product management to view and edit both stock and non-stock products.
  • The Inventory module allows you to manage bundles, locations, multi-units and varying tax rates on different products.
  • Inventory trackings allows you to track stock movement and product performance.


Account Balances

  • Central management of all your bank and cash ledgers (including credit cards).
  • Create and view different account balances.
  • Manage payments and receipts, with the option to allocate to different projects.
  • Record and make transfers between accounts.
  • Bank reconciliation and reports are easy to access.

Projects Module

  • A complete project accounting system, managing project income and expenses.
  • Review in detail the nominal activity of projects.
  • Review reports of individual or multiple projects at a time.
  • With this pricing plan, you can add up to 10 projects. For additional projects, please contact the FastAccounts Team.

Projects Module

  • A complete project accounting system, managing project income and expenses.
  • Review in detail the nominal activity of projects.
  • Review reports of individual or multiple projects at a time.
  • With this pricing plan, you can add up to 15 projects. For additional projects, please contact the FastAccounts Team.

Projects Module

  • A complete project accounting system, managing project income and expenses.
  • Review in detail the nominal activity of projects.
  • Review reports of individual or multiple projects at a time.
  • With this pricing plan, you can add up to 20 projects. For additional projects, please contact the FastAccounts Team.

Projects Module

  • A complete project accounting system, managing project income and expenses.
  • Review in detail the nominal activity of projects.
  • Review reports of individual or multiple projects at a time.
  • With this pricing plan, you can add up to 25 projects. For additional projects, please contact the FastAccounts Team.

Reports Module

  • Data analysis helps over 86% of businesses to achieve enhanced profitability.
  • Use over 200 unique reports to grow your business efficiently.
  • Bookmark frequently used reports in the favourite reports section for quick access.
  • Flexible reporting allows you to tailor your reports according to your requirements.

Users Module

  • A dynamic and state-of-the-art user rights module is available to manage user privileges.
  • Define roles and allocate different access rights to different users.

Multi-Unit Module

  • The Multi-Unit module allows you to record the sale of products in varying units and sizes.
  • FastAccounts gives you full control when reviewing stock in multiple units and sizes.
  • Manage your sales, purchases and stock in large and small pack sizes.

Multi-Currency Module

  • Track and manage bank accounts and balances that make use of multiple currencies.
  • Manage multicurrency transactions without worrying about exchange rate conversions.
  • FastAccounts will automatically calculate the unrealised and realised foreign exchange gains or losses for you.

Multi-Location Module

  • Multi-Location functionality allows for the stock of multiple warehouses and distribution locations to be managed.
  • The movement of stock can be easily tracked via a multi-location module.
  • View stock levels at each location.
  • The location module is included in the Premium Package, allowing you to include up to 10 locations. For any additional locations, please contact the FastAccounts Team for assistance.

Landed costs Module

  • The landed cost module will help you avoid manually having to calculate the true cost of your products, instead the process is automated and will save you a lot of time and hassle.
  • Make an informed decision based on the true cost of your stocks and get a complete analysis of the costs and profitability of any product.

Assembly Module

  • Total clarity of your manufacturing business; ensure manufacturing operations are carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Create assembly templates for repeated assembly work and apply different access rights to different users.
  • Seamless Inventory management and allocation of overheads to the manufacturing process.
  • Accurately calculate the costs of a batch of products as well as per unit.
  • Create and start as many jobs, tasks and processes as you want


  • Attach documents or receipts to support financial bills, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Attach multiple documents with each transaction.

Batch & Expiry Module

  • Assign batch numbers to manage stock and comply with regulations.
  • Allocate expiry dates to perishable products to manage stock-flow and reduce wastage.

Letter of Credit (LC)

  • Create letters of credit for cross-boundary international trade.
  • Calculate the true cost of products by allocating expenses and bills accordingly.
  • Hassle-free management of LC alongside foreign currency transactions.

Advanced user rights

  • The advanced user rights module helps you control multiple functions as per your business needs.
  • Assign advanced user privileges and roles to better equip users.
  • Assign banks, projects, locations, products and customers & suppliers to each user according to their user privileges.

Analytical reports

  • The advanced reports module is a distinct feature for businesses that want to take data analysis to a new level.
  • Advanced reports give further insights into your business’ progress.
  • Over 30 reports are available to help measure the growth of your business.

Online payments

  • Integration with PayPro and Kuickpay allows for quick recovery and payments being completed without having to manually input transaction data separately.
  • A fully integrated system is available at your finger tips.


  • Frequent communication further strengthens the bond and loyalty between you, your customers and suppliers.
  • Keep your customers and suppliers informed about balances, receipts and payments.
  • Set automatic triggers and personalise templates for emails.


  • With our APIs, easily integrate with any existing systems you may have.
  • Our APIs have been developed using the latest technology for the purpose of seamless integration of smooth operation.

Budget Module

  • Create multiple budgets with ease
  • Use Import and Export feature to use our budgeting module to its full potential
  • Compare budgets with actual results for the company or the project/s


  • Simplify transaction approvals with our Authorisation module. Easily set up custom workflows and ensure financial accuracy with ease.
  • The Authorisation System module allows for secure and efficient transaction approvals. With customisable workflows, you can ensure that only authorised personnel can only approve transactions.
  • Reduce the risk of errors and fraud, and maintain compliance by enforcing a robust authorisation process for almost all your financial activities.

Learn more about pricing

  • For information on optional add-ons, bulk offer pricing, and customised packages (additional users or modules of your choice), please contact us.
  • Taxes may apply.
  • FastAccounts reserves the right to update pricing and features, including support and services, at any time.
  • A minimum 10% price adjustment is anticipated, subject to local market inflation.
  • Please note that Terms and Conditions apply. For further information, please refer our Refund and Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy, and Terms of Service.

Fixed Asset Module

  • Effortlessly manage and track diverse fixed assets within FastAccount’s new module.
  • Optimize efficiency with Import and Export functionalities, ensuring seamless handling of fixed asset data.
  • Facilitate strategic insights by assessing fixed asset lifecycles and valuation for informed decision-making.


FastAccounts is an online accounting software designed to be accessed anywhere, any time. As a result, FastAccounts doesn’t take up any hard-drive space on your laptop or device. Instead, all your data is stored on the cloud and in our secure and reliable servers. No installation is necessary and you can access FastAccounts immediately, furthermore, enjoy no downtime as updates are instantaneous and completed on our end with no need for user action, adding to the excellent user experience.

FastAccounts is offered in several different packages, each with the option of selecting extra add-ons. Depending on the package you have subscribed to and whether or not you have added any optional extras, the services included in your specific subscription may vary. In order to find out what services are available in your subscription, take a look at our packages screen to discover more. Furthermore, you can ask a member of our support team to guide you through the available packages and configurations for added confidence and peace of mind when choosing your subscription.

In line with our mission at FastAccounts, we offer a free trial to ensure FastAccounts is accessible to all and is suited to your needs, from large businesses to small and medium business. During your free trial you can expect to have full access to our standard package and, during normal business working hours, our support teams, who will be available to answer any questions you may have. By offering this free trial in the way that we do, we hope to provide a no strings attached experience in which you can gain confidence in the best accounting software, before committing to a subscription. We have no doubt you’ll find FastAccounts to be the perfect solution for your every business accounting need.

We want FastAccounts to be a seamless and convenient experience for all our clients, as a result we have designed a smooth and cohesive process by which you can migrate your existing financial information into FastAccounts without any difficulty or worry. With your data immediately available in FastAccounts upon migration, you can make the most of the many features we have available to you immediately, without facing any obstacles. Through our research, we learnt of the increasing need that businesses have for a greater personal accounting software experience. We have had a significant proportion of our clients switch from competing software such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero. As a result, we ensure our data migration process has been developed to the highest standards, keeping your data safe as it makes its transfer to the best cloud accounting software for your business.

We at FastAccounts understand that businesses are always changing, and as a result the needs of your business are also likely changing. This is why we are more than happy to take on any requests to alter or change your subscription package. It is an easy and quick process to make these changes, simply contact our team and tell us what optional add-ons you desire, and consider the rest done.

Although we would be saddened by your decision to leave, we operate with total integrity and no hidden T&Cs. As a result, in order to cancel your subscription at FastAccounts, we require written confirmation via email of your intent to terminate your subscription. Upon receipt of your confirmation, your account’s future subscriptions will be cancelled, and you will have access to FastAccounts until the end of your current billing period.

After your free trial ends, you can decide to continue your access to FastAccounts by subscribing to one of our packages. These packages will give you access to a greater number of features than available prior, and can be tailored to your business’ specific requirements. Upon completion of your free trial, you will also gain full access to our support teams around the clock. We ensure that by the time your free trial ends, you will have already had a discussion with our FastAccounts team to evaluate your options and to set up your account prior to subscribing, this ensures a smooth transition should you decide to continue your business’ journey towards positive transformation.

Here at FastAccounts, we consider security and reliability to be our foremost priority. From our inception, we have consistently maintained a top tier gold-standard of security protocols and measures designed to be robust in their defence against hostilities. We constantly engage in periodic testing of our server security and data protection measures to ensure there is zero chance of any data being jeopardised. We are proud to maintain our record with not a single issue in security or reliability being reported till date.

We understand that the common belief people have is that switching accounting software and getting to grips with new systems is difficult. However, we strive to prove otherwise. At FastAccounts, our support teams offer a ‘getting-up-to-speed’ course in which all our new clients are educated on the best methods of using FastAccounts many financial reporting instruments and accounting modules for their business’ specific needs. We help our clients make the most of FastAccounts so that your business maximises its potential.

FastAccounts is offered in 3 separate packages with the option to add-on extra features as per your need. Each of these packages has a certain number of users that can be created to access your account, this number includes the admin user itself. Should you need additional users, contact us at FastAccounts and we would be happy to adjust your package and add the number of additional users you desire. Additional users are added at a fixed rate dependant on which package you are adding this extra feature to.

We at FastAccounts maintain a high level of flexibility, as a result we are pleased to be able to offer several different payment methods, with our clients being free to use whichever method convenient for them. The list of payment methods we accept:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque

There is no requirement to provide any payment details when signing up to FastAccounts. We provide a free trial before any subscriptions are made active, to ensure that both FastAccounts and your selected package are right for you. Upon the start of your subscription’s billing cycle, we will ask for payment methods to be confirmed.

We have a team of exceptional support staff available 24/7 to address your ever question. We provide support in all areas of our accounting software to ensure that you have the best experience and make the most out of your subscription to FastAccounts.