How to Customise Journal Printing

Fast Accounts provides the journal on all transactional screens which include; 1. Sales 1.1. Invoices 1.2. Receipts 2. Purchases 2.1. Bills 2.2. Payments 3. Bank 3.1. Payments 3.2. Receipts 3.3.Transfers 4. General Journal On all relevant screens an option to “Print Journal” is available. Customise Journal Printing Use can customise the Jo...

Fast Accounts Journal Printing

The new journal printing with traditional debit & credit style, has been added to all sections in the Fast Accounts. 1. Bank and Journals On the Bank and Journal section, the print button is available on the top of the listing. On bank voucher printing only select a single row from a voucher and it will print the entire voucher. Bank Pay...

Bank Payments / Bank Receipts and Journal Imports Update

Import templates have been updated, now you can add Project Name to the Excel import file. For latest templates press download at the import screen.

Copy Sale invoices, Journals or Bank Payments

We work with you to improve things, we have now added option to copy Sale invoices Journals & Bank payments In case you have to create same invoice for the same customer or for any other customer, you will have option in the Action Menu to copy the invoice, once selected as copy, it will open new invoice with same product and rate...

Journal ID

We have made a changes to the Journal Module and now you will notice there is Journal Number added to the Journal listing. When you will add a new journal, it will be allocated a number.