Secure and Reliable Data

Secure and Reliable Data

Secure and Reliable Data

At FastAccounts the security & privacy of your data is our priority. Our systems make use of gold-standard security safeguards designed to ensure that the relationship between you and your financial information remains exactly that – solely yours.

Your data is accessible by only the users registered to your account and we engage in regular software security testing to ensure that all our systems are up-to-date and fortified against all possible hostilities. You can have total faith in the reliability of FastAccounts, with zero downtime during updates you can be sure that you’ll have access to your data around the clock.

Furthermore, we have implemented robust measures in our accounting software, such as keeping a clear trail of all activity in our activity logs. This provides a trail that enables you, the admin, to keep track of every change or edit made, big or small because even the little things can have a big impact.

Our commitment to your confidence in FastAccounts is beyond all limits, as a result, our servers are monitored 24/7 and all data is fully secured.

We have maintained a distinguished record of software integrity throughout development, introduction, growth and maturity of our software. Not a single issue has ever cropped up and we strive to maintain this reputation.

24/7 Support

Business never sleeps. This is why we have dedicated 24/7 support to ensure that whatever the question, whenever the time, we are always there for you.

Our support teams have a wealth of expertise readily available to you with unparalleled service quality, Pakistan’s finest is just a call away, should you need.

We close 100% of the cases that come to us with complete customer satisfaction.

We offer the best service to all of our customers, regardless of size. Small and medium businesses can expect the same premium experience from the best online accounting software with an excellent support team.

Free Training upon Setup

Our mission at FastAccounts is to bring an accounting solution that gives a more personal experience and can give you, the user, the maximum benefit for your business endeavours.

Unlike international companies such as QuickBooks online and Zoho books, we have a distinct focus on the local market and strive to be the best accounting software in Pakistan.

This is why we give basic free training to all our clients, to help them get to grips with the different methods of using FastAccounts many accounting features for their specific business needs.

Our training team will provide an excellent ‘get up to speed’ training course, so that you can get acquainted with the style, layout and functions of FastAccounts.

  • Our renowned training and support teams will also help in initial setup and deliver the free training once subscribed.

Advanced Training

For those professionals looking to master FastAccounts to a level beyond just the basics, we, alongside our Technology, Business and Knowledge partners, offer an 8-week paid Certification Course in Digital Accounting.

Classes are available in the evenings and weekends and are supervised by distinguished senior members of major institutions in the accounting profession.

During the course, you can expect a hands-on learning experience to discover all aspects of the trade, including financial accounting, computer literacy and communication skills. All of which, undeniably, boost performance in the workplace and increase employability.

For further details regarding the Certification Course in Digital Accounting contact us.