Product Bulk Actions

Product Bulk Actions

FastAccounts allows users to save time on bulk actions. We have now enhanced the Product Bulk Actions screen, now this allows user to update both taxes and other data to update with a click of button.

Taxes Update

This allows you to update Tax Rates. In the Taxes Update,

Select the Category and Products you would like to update,

Choose the old tax rate and new tax rate and press Apply.

It’s all done.

Amount Update

This section allows updating many different data types. Select the Category and Products you would like to update,

  • Select the Data Type and Filter as appropriate.

There are two different calculation Types 1) Number 2Percentage.

When you select “Number”, you have a choice

  • Add (add a number to the existing data)
  • Deduct (deduct the number from the existing data)
  • Replace (Replace the existing data with the number provided)

In the case of Calculation Type “Percentage”, you have the option to

  • Add (add % of the existing number to the data)
  • Deduct (deduct % of the existing number from the data

Once the criteria are selected press Apply and it’s all done.

Please note it is a non-reversible action. The data will be updated as per the selection and criteria provided.