NEW “Combined Account Reports”

NEW “Combined Account Reports”

NEW “Combined Account Reports”

We wanted to inform you that we have updated the Customer and Supplier Reports. We have made changes to the available data in the reports for sections

  • Sales and Customer,
  • Debtors and Recovery,
  • Purchases and Supplier, and
  • Creditor and Payments

Previously, certain reports provided both Sales and Purchases related data for customers who were also suppliers, which caused confusion. To eliminate such confusions, we have introduced a new section called Combined Account Reports, which includes all the reports where combined data was shown. As a result, the reports in Sales and Customer and Debtors and Recovery sections will only display Sales related data, while the Purchases and Supplier and Creditor and Payments sections will only provide data for the Purchases section.

The change affects several reports from the Sales section, including

  • Customer Statement,
  • Customers Balances Summary,
  • Customer Statement (Invoice Detail),
  • Customers Activity Summary,
  • Customer Statement (Style One), and
  • Customer Statement (Style Two).

Similarly, reports from the Purchases section that are affected include

  • Supplier Statement,
  • Suppliers Balances Summary,
  • Supplier Statement (Invoice Detail),
  • Suppliers Activity Summary,
  • Supplier Statement (Style One), and
  • Supplier Statement (Style Two).

In addition, we have added several new reports, including

  • Combined Account Statement,
  • Combined Accounts Balances Summary,
  • Combined Account Statement (Invoice Detail),
  • Combined Accounts Activity Summary,
  • Combined Account Statement (Style One), and
  • Combined Account Statement (Style Two).

Please don’t hesitate to contact Fast Accounts Support if you need further assistance.