Draft and Approve Transactions

Draft and Approve Transactions

Draft and Approve Transactions

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In certain situations, it may be necessary for one user to record a transaction while another user approves it before the transaction takes financial effect. FastAccounts now offers a new feature that allows you to save transactions as drafts until they are approved, at which point they will be added to your financial data.

This feature is available for the following types of transactions :

  • Journals (JN)
  • Bank Payments (EP)
  • Bank Receipts (IR)
  • Bank Transfers (TRI)
  • Sales Invoices (SI)
  • Sales Credits (SC)
  • Supplier Bills (VI)
  • Bill Credits (VC)

Draft Transactions and User Role :

Enabling this feature is simple. Once it is enabled in your account, navigate to Smart Settings and turn on the Draft option in the necessary module.

Admin have full control over user rights and can decide which users can add drafts and approve them.

How to add Draft Transactions

To use Draft, users can follow these steps:
Go to the main listing page of the relevant module and click on the “Draft” option.

Record the transaction data. It will be added as Draft transactions. A draft transaction can be edited, once finalised it is can be submitted for approval. Once Submitted, the transaction can only be approved.

Enabling the Draft feature is straightforward and provides an efficient way to ensure that transactions are accurately recorded and approved before taking financial effect.