Advance User Rights

Advance User Rights

Advance User Rights

Fast Accounts provide full control to Admin to set User modules’ access and action rights in the roles. In addition, Fast Accounts has a premium module which allows Admin to control what data the User can view in the Sales and Purchases modules.

With Advance User Rights, Admin can allocate Customers, Suppliers and Products to the Users. As a result, the User will only be able to add transactions for the allocated Customers and Suppliers with allocated products, this is a whole new level of access control and rights management.

How to Set up Groups

To allocate the Customer & Supplier or Products, you must add Groups. The process to add Group is very simple
In the Settings Menu, Go to Groups, Select Add New. Fill in the information and press Save & Close.

On the Groups List, you will find an option to import the Groups data. Also, you can edit or Delete Groups as necessary.

How to Allocate Group to User

Go to “Settings Menu” Select “User Management” Press “Add New”, and on the User Form enter relevant data and select the Groups you want to allocate to the User, at the end press Save & Close.

How to Link Products with Groups

On the Product Form, you will be able to select the Group, this can be edited at any time. The product will become available to all Users allocated that Group.

How to Link Customers with the Groups

Simply open ADD NEW Customer Form, fill in the necessary information and on the “Terms” Tab you will find Groups. Select the relevant Groups and it’s all done

Once the data is added User will only be able to view Customers / Suppliers who are linked with Groups allocated to the User. In the same way, the User will only be able to access product data which are linked with the Groups allocated to the User.

Please contact Fast Accounts Team for further details and to enable this premium feature